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  Sassafras Systems announces new syndication tools from nukeSEO.com
Posted by kevin
Sassafras Systems

Sassafras Systems will develop several tools for nukeSEO.com to increase the use of RSS syndication for websites using the PHP-Nuke and RavenNuke content management systems (CMS), including nukeFEED, nukePIE, and nukeREADER.

  • nukeFEED gives webmasters the ability to syndicate many different types of content in all current formats, including RSS 2.0 and ATOM. The ability to syndicate content increases website traffic by providing a greater reach through RSS readers and portals and improves search engine rankings by increasing the number of links to a site.
  • nukePIE integrates the SimplePIE RSS reader with PHP-Nuke and RavenNuke to enable the display of syndicated feeds from other sites using current format formats, including RSS 2.0 and ATOM. It will replace the standard function used to display RSS feeds in blocks, and add the ability to popup a description of the syndicated item, if available, to further optimize the feed for search engines.
  • nukeREADER, currently in the planning stages, has the goal to provide even greater abilities to display or consume syndicated feeds in PHP-Nuke and RavenNuke. It will build on nukePIE and provide additional functionality for displaying syndicated content, including a module and blocks that can display content from multiple feeds simultaneously. As the design has been confirmed, nukeSEO is accepting feedback, ideas, suggestions and comments for nukeREADER.

For more information, visit nukeSEO.com.

nukeFEED™, nukePIE™, nukeREADER™ and nukeSEO™ are all trademarks of nukeSEO.com

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