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Posted by kevin
RavenNuke FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- September 5, 2007 -- Sassafras Systems today announced the completion of alpha testing of nukeFEED™, a free PHP-based tool to allow webmasters to create syndicated feeds for their websites running RavenNuke™ or PHP-Nuke.

The ability to syndicate website content increases traffic by providing a greater reach through RSS readers and portals and improves search engine rankings by increasing the number of links to a site. The recent acquisition of popular feed publisher FeedBurner.com by Google is seen by many as validation of the growing feed syndication market, as well as a signal that we can expect to see more ads in syndicated feeds in the near future.

The upcoming release of nukeFEED™ will provide PHP-Nuke webmasters with significantly improved syndication features, eliminating most of the current limitations with standard PHP-Nuke syndication tools. PHPNuke webmasters will no longer be limited to syndicating the last 10 news stories in RSS .91 format and, if they have the right download, recent forum topics. nukeFEED™ provides the ability to syndicate many different types of content in current formats at different levels, sequences for a specified number of items. It includes integration with FeedBurner for even greater reach, usage reporting and statistics, and revenue opportunities through feed advertising.nukeFEED™ provides RavenNuke™ and PHP-Nuke with the ability to:
  • syndicate most types of content in modern formats, with the ability to easily add additional content types
  • use modern syndication formats like ATOM and RSS 2.0
  • significantly improve standards compliance (verses the 10 most recent news stories via the standard PHP-Nuke RSS 0.91 backend.php feed)
  • display a feed map in both HTML and OMPL formats
  • support auto-discovery of published (active) feeds
  • define syndication feeds with more detailed attributes, including multiple sort orders (e.g. recent, popular, highest rated) at multiple levels (module, category, forum, etc.) and for a specified number of items
  • maintain a list of feed aggregators and provide subscription links to these aggregators or any feed reader
  • integrate with FeedBurner to cache feeds, track and report usage statistics, monetize feeds through advertising and more
  • preview feeds to help visitors determine to which feeds they want to subscribe
nukeFEED™ contains several innovations that can be used by future improvements, including:
  • combo-box functionality - the ability to enter a value or select if from a list (via the dhtmlXCombo class from SC&)
  • linked selections - selecting one value from a list resets the values available in other select lists (via an enhanced CLinkedSelect function from Setec Astronomy)
  • automatic installation of database tables
  • content class model for describing and accessing multiple content types, which will be reused in other enhancements
  • easy-to-use functions for providing advanced popup help / information
  • reusable XML and HTML cleaning, coding and decoding functions

Future enhancements to nukeFEED™ may include:

  • Improved feed caching
  • Secure feeds
  • NSN Groups integration (feeds available only to groups)
  • Multiple language support
  • Additional content types
For details, contact Kevin Guske via Sassafras Systems.
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