nukeSEO DH dynamically generates TITLE and META tags using page content
Posted by kevin
Sassafras Systems FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- October 1, 2009 -- Sassafras Systems today announced the completion of nukeSEO™ DH, an add-on incorporated into the RavenNuke™ content management system that dynamically generates the HTML HEAD section TITLE, META description and META keywords tags using content from the page. nukeSEO DH also enables site administrators to specify these tags at multiple levels.

The ability to use page-specific TITLE and META tags significantly enhances the ability fo search engines to accurately identify and verify the page's content. Using content from the page to generate these tags is a valuable search engine optimization (SEO) technique.

The 2.4.00 release of RavenNuke™ CMS features an improved static content module, new project management module, a new W3C compliant theme, dynamic HEAD section generation with on-page overrides of title, meta description and meta keywords tags. It also includes numerous security improvements, a simplified approach to loading CSS and JS designed to simplify future upgrades and the use of add-ons, as well as improved installation and upgrade utilities. The RavenNuke™ team also introduced the RavenNuke™ Wiki.

RavenNuke™ CMS was originally based on PHP-Nuke 7.6, but has evolved with its focus on security, performance, standards compliance and significantly enhanced functionality. In addition to the standard functions in PHP-Nuke, to which thousands of fixes and improvements have been made, RavenNuke™ also includes advanced user management, an event calendar, advanced newsletter, flexible feed generation and consumption, flexible error document handling, site / legal documents, short URL support, improved email handling, integrated light box and tool tip functions, and 17 W3C-compliant themes. Intended to support all types of websites, from community portals to clan sites to business sites and more, RavenNuke™ CMS has been reviewed by well-known security experts and all known public access issues have been addressed.

RavenNuke™ is actively supported by the RavenNuke™ team, which uses an open development process with feedback from its growing community of supporters. RavenNuke™ CMS is available at and is supported by a team of almost 20 developers, translators and testers around the world using standard open-source development tools like SVN and Mantis.

For details, contact Sassafras Systems.